Titanic is an unforgettable tale of magnificence, sorrow, horror, grandeur, glory, and tragedy, a legend that sent shockwaves across the world, forever etching its name into the annals of history.

The luxurious steamship, a colossus of its time with a size of approximately 882.5 feet (269 meters) long and about 92.5 feet (28.2 meters) wide at its widest point, went for its maiden voyage carrying 2,240 passengers and crew on board. The mammoth was considered an engineering triumph and proudly called an “unsinkable ship”. But the misfortune of the unlucky ocean liner became a cautionary tale about the perils of human hubris.

The legendary RMS Titanic hit a stroke of bad luck and sank in the early hours after woefully colliding into an iceberg. It rested and descended into the deep ocean with thousands of lives along. The historic tragedy got frozen in time and encased in the depths.

Lost for decades, the divers finally found the colossal vessel after 70 years, and the wreckage was discovered roughly 350 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. In 2003, the MIR I submersible embarked on a daring expedition to unveil the Titanic’s secrets left undisturbed on the ocean floor for a long.

Join us as we journey through Titanic’s final resting place, a voyage into the darkness that gives a glimpse of history and the human stories that unfolded amidst the tragedy. Through these captivating pictures, we’ll unravel the secrets of the Titanic and pay homage to the lives forever tied to its story.


Rust-Covered Anchor of Legendary Titanic Ship


The Expedition That Discovered the Titanic Wreckage


The 3D Scan Created from the Photographs


3D Scan of Titanic on Floor of the Atlantic Ocean


Titanic’s Steering Motor on the Bridge


Titanic’s Central Starboard Propeller


Wrecked Boiler of the Titanic


Bow of the Ill-fated Steamship


Titanic’s Sophisticated Main Dining Room


Detailed 3D Scan of the Wrecked Ship


Bathtub Inside One of the Titanic’s Quarters


The Bow of the Titanic Wreckage


One of the Titanic’s Dining Room


MIR Submersible Observes the Titanic’s Bow


An Open Hatch on the Titanic’s Hull


Muddy Remains Inside the Wrecked Vessel


Workmen Pose In Front of Titanic


RMS Titanic Leaves for a Trial Run


Fortunate Titanic Survivors in Lifeboats


These images serve as a powerful testament to the enduring legacy of the great Titanic. The doomed ship with the lives lost in the maritime disaster can never be forgotten, and the wreck will always remain a silent witness, speaking volumes about the tragedy it hit and the lessons it imparts.

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