1. Creativity
Different generations, same features – spectacular generational reflections through the ages! Although years may separate these people, genetics worked so perfectly that they share striking similarities even after a span of time difference between them. How crazy it is that two people exactly look the same, but only to reveal that they are years apart. […]
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  2. Parenting
Children have an uncanny ability to transform even the simplest of situations into melodramatic episodes, leaving adults bewildered and sometimes stifling their laughter. From their wild imaginations to their limited understanding of the world, children often cry for the most unexpected and hilarious reasons. Let’s take a closer look at some of these uproarious incidents […]

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If you’re tired of ordinary art and portraits, these whimsical caricatures are absolutely for you. Exaggerated expressions, transformed faces, a cleverly comical touch, and tada- the ordinary human sketches turn into extraordinary portraits! The talented artist Geoge G Williams showcases a display of his creative artworks by portraying humans most amusingly in his laughter-inducing portraits, […]
  1. Creativity
When creativity meets art, the results are always astounding. That’s what you’ll see in this post, where the wildlife was cleverly reimagined with recycled materials! It is said that ‘Nothing is Useless’, and it is proved with these animal sculptures that were creatively built from materials from trash. Yes, the ingenious humans fearlessly dived into […]